Brave giraffe playing basketball and going for a slam dunk
Athletic bear performing a discus throw
Capybara ready to smash the ball in a table tennis match
Brave tiger competing in a bike race
Amazing donkey running and jumping over a hurdle
Elegant dog riding a horse in an equestrian competition
Athletic monkey perfoming an iron cross in a gymnastic event
Slender gazelle performing a long jump in an athletics event
Brave hare preparing to throw the ball in a handball match
Strong kangaroo ready for a boxing match
Agile lemur performing on a pommel horse in a gymnastics event
Talented monkey preparing a smash in a badminton match
Water monitor paddling while competing in a canoe sprint event
Brave zebra performing a pole vault jumping
Athletic puma smashing the ball in a tennis match
Strong rhinoceros running with a rugby ball and going for a touchdown
Slender cheetah running in a track and field event
Strong elephant preparing to throw the ball in a shot put event
Terrific shark posing and preparing for a swimming competition
Cool green frog jumping and preparing to smash the ball in a volleyball match
Strong hippopotamus making a big effort ina weightlifting competition
Athletic gorillas fighting in a wrestling match
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