Ronald Reichmann posing against one of his pattern designs printed as a wallpaper
Hi, I'm Ronald, I'm an illustrative designer and character creator. I enjoy discovering more about the universe, people, nature, culture, spirituality, and visual arts.
I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where I became an industrial designer in 1993.
After some years designing POP material in Quality Right Design (QRD) for diverse brands, I worked as a graphic and industrial designer for the Maloka Interactive Museum, developing scientific exhibitions.
In 2001, I moved to Switzerland with my beloved girlfriend, to study web design and 3D animation. I currently live in Thierrens, a beautiful village in the middle of the countryside, and have goats, sheep, and cows as neighbors!
After several years as a web designer, I realized that what I really loved to do was illustrating and creating characters. So, in 2008, I dedicated myself to creating characters and illustrating in a colorful cartoon style with a touch of
whimsy, a pinch of twisted, and a whole lot of humor!
My main goal is making people smile, bringing positive messages, and helping to spread awareness about crucial aspects of modern life.
My amusing illustrations and animal characters were first sold as “Printing on Demand” products in Zazzle, Redbubble, and in my Spreadshirt-powered boutique, Zoo&co.
In 2014, I created the company, illustratoons, where I began to sell my images and characters as royalty-free stock images, and where I offer my services to translate communication needs and wishes into custom images.
In 2015, I found new inspiration with the arrival of my lovely daughter and created my collection of adorable baby characters.
My goals include creating 3D characters again, launching art toys collections, producing motion design clips, and contributing in interesting and engaging projects by bringing my passion and experience as an illustrative designer.
More about my websites
Zoo&co. Cool creatures printed on trendy products.
In Zoo&co, you can find my designs ready to be printed in a whole collection of awesome trendy products. You choose your product, add your favorite design, add your text, personalize as much as you want and order it, easy and fast!
You can also find my designs printed on products in different boutiques like Zazzle, Redbubble and Society6.
illustratoons. Royalty free Vector Toons & Custom Illustrations.
In illustratoons you will find my full collection of characters and illustrations ready to be downloaded as Royalty Free Stock Images. You can also contact me for custom illustrations or if you want me to participate as illustrator in your project.
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Something else? Yes, of course, Download my Illustration Portfolio.

Thanks for visiting my pages, enjoy my creations and don't hesitate to leave a word for me.
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